The course and dosage of stanozolol

Buy drostanolone online in UK  because it allows you to build lean muscles, increases the physical strength and endurance of an athlete, stimulates appetite. Some people use stanozolol for weight loss or as a "female anabolic". It's all about the low androgenic activity of the steroid, which almost completely excludes the possibility of muscularization of the athlete.

The recommended dose of stanozolol for men is 35 mg / day. For girls, it is slightly less, around 8 mg / day. The course lasts 5-7 weeks, the regimen often includes other anabolic drugs. 

The most effective combinations:

  1. Nandrolone (for active muscle growth);
  2. Trenbolone (dry mass gain);
  3. Masteron (relief and venousness);
  4. Testosterone (general strengthening of the course).
  5. Stanozolol and propionate are often combined to burn fat.

With the correct dosage, side effects are rare, but still occur:

  1. Joint pain;
  2. Increased blood pressure;
  3. An increase in the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  4. Acne, hair loss.

Reception of enalapril, Alpha-17, omega-3 vitamins and other auxiliary drugs negate the harmful effects of stanozolol. The pill form of the steroid is not as harmful to the liver as injections.