White magic spell for love

White spell for love


It’s been repeatedly told that only trained spellcasters can handle the white magic spell for love. For this reason we’ve invited one of the world’s most distinguished spell casters Spellshelp.Com, spellcaster Maxim, to discuss home spell casting and hopefully teach our readers how to cast simple spells by themselves.

White magic spells for loveAccording to the guru, you should cast a love spell only if you don’t question the sincerity of your feelings. Magic needs love to work wonders. Love is fundamental to any love spell, protecting it against dark energies which are attracted by all kinds of occult actions, from simple coffee cup readings to powerful spells. We do hope your love is genuine and selfless. If it is, we have no doubt you’ll succeed.

Our guest, spellcaster Maxim, has been practicing occult sciences for many years, helping people from all over the world find love, get lost love back, and protect their love. He’s the founder of an amazing website about magic that we recommend to all magic enthusiasts. On this website you can find information and guidelines that will allow you to:

- Get the right mindset for a successful magiс enchantment;

- Accumulate and purify your personal energy;

- Set up an altar;

- Protect your house against negativity;

- Create a protective energy shell;

- Arouse love and keep it safe;

- Strengthen your relationship with custom talismans;

- Create your personal talismans.

Spellcaster Maxim’s website contains a ton of useful tips and its loyal readers will eventually know and can do almost as much as a trained sorcerer or witch in terms of love magic.

On this website you can also order any of the love spells offered by spellcaster Maxim. He offers thousands of spells and everyone can find something that will suit their specific needs. If you don’t know what you need, ask Maxim directly and we can assure you that he’ll reply as soon as possible and offer you the best white magic spell for love to make your dreams come true.


White magic love spell


One very easy white magic love spell is cast with an apple, a spool of white thread, and two photographs. Put your photo and the photo of your beloved together face to face and carefully wind the tread around them without folding the photos. Make 19 loops, tear the thread, and stick its ends in between the photos.

When you go to work, put the photos in your inside pocket near your heart and carry it with you all day. When you come home and change, put the photos into a pocket of the clothes that you’re wearing at home to keep the photos next to you at all times. When you go to bed, put the photos next to yourself on the bed. Do it for one week, inspecting the thread every couple of days. There should be no knots on its ends because white magic doesn’t like knots. Make sure the loops are in place and the thread is intact. You’re allowed to adjust the thread as needed only three times.

If you need to adjust the tread more than three times, put the photos on the table and apologize to Higher Powers for trying to influence another person. Remove the thread and burn it down over a candle. Send the photos to a trained spell caster. He will do what’s required and put a love spell on the person you love.

If the thread is fine, put the photos into your inside pocket and go to a grocery store. Buy a suitable apple. According to spellcaster Maxim, it’s quite easy to pick an apple to use in this love spells. To this end:

- Relax, calm down, and hold your breath;

- Try not to think about anything for a few minutes;

- Squint;

- Look at all the apples at once (rather than at each individual apple);

- The next moment you’ll see that one of the apples stands out. It’ll look like a 3D apple against the background of 2D ones. It’ll be brighter and better than the other apples. Take it, pay for it, and go home. Upon coming home, start casting your love spell.


A few questions to spellcaster Maxim


According to spellcaster Maxim, it’s better to cast this spell on a sunny day shortly after a young moon shows up in the sky. Sorcerers use a lunar calendar to make sure they cast love spells when the moon is new. They know that a waning moon has a poisonous effect on love spells, killing them. It dissolves love magic destroying it or making it weak. Before you start your ritual, check the moon calendar too and remember to start one week before the first to fifth day of the new moon.

Love spells white magic“Can one cast a love spell when it’s raining?” we asked spellcaster Maxim. He replied yes. Rainy days are good for melancholic people who get sad a lot, like to stay at home and prefer to take it slow in a relationship. Love spells cast on sunny days are filled with passion and thirst for adventure and help build unforgettable memories with the target.

To cast this white magic love spell, take a sharp knife which has never been used for meat or meat products before. Put the apple on the table and cut it in half. Put the photos in between which you’ve keep next to yourself for the last seven days. Bring the apple halves together making sure the photos are exactly in the middle. Wind the same white thread around the apple to make it look whole. Make as many loops as possible. The loops should be distributed evenly, covering the apple like a case.

Bring the apple to your bedroom (don’t put it down yet). Purify the energy in the room with a special candle (you can find one at any esoteric store). Walk around the room holding the candle in your hand seven times without missing any corners and walls, then walk across the room (diagonally) three times. Put the apple on the windowsill, put the candle next to it, and walk out without putting out the candle. Don’t come back into the room until it gets dark.

First results can be expected in about a week. This is how long it takes the spell to influence your significant other. While waiting, visit the Spellcaster Maxim website and check some of his other articles about love magic. If you want, place an order for a potent and quality love spell and spellcaster Maxim will reply shortly and provide his esoteric services taking the best care of your love life.